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How to house train a puppy fast - Learn how to house train a puppy fast

How to house train a puppy fast

How to house train a puppy fast - One of the most discussed issues in relation to dog ownership is the issue of house training. Those dog owners, who fail to house train their puppies effectively, do so because they fail to pick up on the signals their puppy is giving them, or they are not consistent in teaching when and where their puppy should relieve himself.
House training your puppy can be relatively stress free provided you commit yourself to following a plan of training. Lets us look now at a simple, yet tried and tested method of house training your puppy.
The plan I use for house training my puppies includes management, observation, opportunity and reward.
The first rule towards success is to manage your puppy's movements around your home, in this way he is less likely to sneak of and relieve himself in other areas of the house when you are not watching him. Use baby gates across the doors in your house, or a crate to hold your puppy when you can't watch him, and the chances of success will be far greater.
Dogs are creatures of habit, so take advantage of this natural trait by using the same toilet area. A small area in your garden would ideal, however, if you live in an apartment, some old news papers, or other absorbent material placed down regularly in the same place will do just as good.
Your chances of success in house training your puppy will be much greater if you learn to watch for the signs that tell you your puppy needs to go. This will include him running around in short circles sniffing the ground, and whimpering. When you see your puppy doing this, you will need to act fast. Pick your puppy up and take him immediately to his toilet area, place him on the ground and stay with him until he has relieved himself. Encourage him to relieve himself in a gentle voice, some people use a word such as 'get busy' or something similar, do this and it wont be long before your puppy is relieving himself on demand!.
Take your puppy to his toilet area throughout the day, especially when he has had something to eat or drink, following a session of play, or when he has just woken up from a period of sleep.
In the early stages, go over the top when your puppy has done what is required of him, give him plenty of praise, food treats, and maybe play a game with him.
One important thing to remember about house training your puppy is that puppies have very short memories indeed, and there will be times when your puppy will relieve himself in places around your home, where he is not expected to. When this happens, don't become angry with him, pick him up straight away if he has only just started, and take him to his toilet area. In this instance you can use the word NO, to let your puppy know that he is relieving himself in the wrong place, but do so in a calm and neutral tone, never shout at him. If however, your are sure your puppy has learned where he should go to relieve himself, and you catch him in the act of relieving himself somewhere else in the house, then give one sharp clap of your hand or a sharp NO, and your puppy will soon get the message.
If you find that your puppy has relieved himself out of your sight, never punish him, as your puppy will have no memory of his transgression. Puppies and also older dog's, do not have the ability to use logic as we can, their concentration is mainly in the moment, therefore, if you punish your puppy for something he done earlier, he will only connect it with what he is doing at that moment you punish him. To continue to do this on a regular basis could cause your puppy to become confused, and mistrustful of you.
To recap then, use the same area for your puppy to relieve himself. Watch for the warning signs, telling you your puppy is about to relieve himself. When your puppy has done what you have asked of him, give him plenty of praise, and rewards. Take your puppy to his toilet area throughout the day and wait with him until he has relieved himself. Never punish your puppy for making a mess out of your sight, however, if he is in the middle of relieving himself and he has learned where he should go, then a firm NO, or sharp clap of your hands, should help him get the message. Remember, manage your puppy's movements, watch him closely signs of him wanting to relieve himself, give him plenty of opportunity to go to his toilet area throughout the day, and give him plenty of rewards and praise when he has done what is required of him. Use this formula consistently, and it won't be too long before you have yourself a house trained puppy.
I have been training dogs since the late 1980's. I now live in France, where I continue to train dogs, and also write about dog behavior, care, and training related topics. If you would like free further information about dogs, and their training and care, please visit my blog at

How to house train a puppy fast

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